Kyushu Foreign Language Academy

Kyushu Foreign Language Academy
九州外国語学院・東京日本橋校 2018年4月開校(申請中)
KFLA Tokyo is located in center of Japan, and Nihonbashi area, which can be also said as the starting point of Japan.
Originally, Nihonbashi was a starting point of Go-kaido Road, and nowadays, it is known as the starting points of the roads in Japan.
Around Nihonbashi area, there are High-Quality Shopping Street “GINZA”, the biggest station terminal “TOKYO station”, close to the Imperial Palace and “AKIHABARA” shopping area. It is quite close not only to CHIBA, YOKOHAMA and SAITAMA Pref, but also HANEDA and NARITA airport.
Nihonbashi area is absolutely the exciting place that people all round the world visit.
Also, despite of the urban area, dew to be silent, it is obviously proper place for the students to be concentrate on their studies.

  • Appearances of the school building

  • Main Entrance of the school

  • School panel

  • Corridor

  • Classroom 1

  • Classroom 2

  • 1st Floor

  • Men’s restroom

  • Lady’s restroom

Term 1st Year Tuition Accommodation
(Half a year)
1st year total 2nd Year Tuition
April Student 760,000Yen + 60,800Yen(※2) 245,000Yen 1,065,800Yen 660,000Yen + 52,800Yen(※2)
Oct Student 760,000Yen + 60,800Yen(※2) 245,000Yen 1,065,800Yen 330,000Yen + 26,400Yen(※2)
(※2:Including 8 % tax)
* Accommodation:35,000Yen/Month×6 Months+35,000Yen(as Key Money)= 245,000Yen

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